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January 19, 2021

#fableticspartner I’m not one to swoon over workout sets but there is something beautiful to be said for the way clothes can spark our feelings. confident. strong. sultry.

it feels deliciously good to not only admire the body I see in the mirror — but to be grateful for every cell in its being.

but this practice, of loving every inch of myself — did not come easy.

last year was slow, quick, heavy, soft, nourishing & all consuming. when the world shut down, I chose to take the opportunity to stop. pause. reflect. why was I still pushing, guilting & forcing myself to sprint lift run jump squat until I lost my breath? why, was my physical body still dictating my worthiness?

2020 was the year that allowed me to shift my focus. from my physical body to my spiritual body. from forcing to allowing. from pushing to surrendering.

I started yoga. pilates. I bounced on my rebounder while signing my heart out. I took long walks with juicy podcasts. I hiked with my favorite souls by my side.

& then I tore my MCL. I was slow to rehab. I didn’t care to workout. I didn’t care how my body looked. I chose to feed it well. I took it for daily walks. but other than that — my body was simply the flesh vehicle that my soul was cruising around in. no more. no less.

to an outsider looking in, it may seem like I gave up. like I was lazy. unmotivated.

but what they didn’t see was the other work taking place. the deeper work. darker work. soul searching world shattering life changing work that was consuming my energy.

2020 was the year my physical body took the back seat so my soul could lead the way. so I could heal the trauma tied to my physical appearance. to my worthiness. my sexuality.

&& because of this choice. this understanding. this commitment — I am ready excited grateful — to spend 2021 nourishing my body, mind & soul.

because I am ready now. in a way I have never been before. to shower my body in love and adoration. to show up for it. nourish it. love it.

& there is no better brand to cover my skin in than @fabletics. you can head to the link in my bio to grab yourself 2 bottoms for $24 #fableticspartner



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