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January 18, 2021

I didn’t take 3 days away from Instagram because I was burnt out. I took time away because I was lost in the sea of consumption. taking in the energy of others & struggling to decipher what was meant for me & what was never mine to take.

I do a lot of work to quiet my ego to limit comparison to release judgement. but it has felt more & more like an uphill battle. one I haven’t found the time to pursue. to lean into. one I’ve been turning my back on it hopes that it would simply fade away. one that grew bigger the longer I ignored it.

I took time away not to disconnect but to reconnect. connect to MY why. connect to MY voice. connect to MY truth.

why did I choose to show up when I had just 400 followers? & why did I choose to lead with vulnerability? why did I choose to heal? to start a business? to share the highs the lows & everything between?

asking myself these questions will now become a weekly task. to root myself back into my own essence. my own dream. my own being.

I will post because it brings me joy, not because someone else did. I will make cute lil reels because it’s fun, not because the algorithm requires it. I will eat beautiful food because it nourishes me, not because it’ll look nice on my feed. I will take time off my phone to reconnect, not disconnect.

this break not only showed me why I should take the time to step away —— it showed me why I should show up, too.

& for that I am grateful.


feel free to swipe for some love I captured over the weekend because it made me feel juicy!!

sun kissed mornings. nature. moon cabbage. boots & a blazer. grapefruit martini. gua sha. egg scrambie. journaling & tarot w/ many, many tears. @drinksweetreason CBD evening blend but fancy 🌚

back & feeling vibrantly deliciously good — being me. here. now.

& if I haven’t told you already. I missed you 🤍


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