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January 14, 2022

where intention goes — energy flows.

a simple yet powerful reminder to stay mindful. tap in tune in & become aware of what it is you are giving your energy to.

for years I spent the majority of my days focusing on the things I hated about myself. my skin my thighs my boobs my nose.

I would walk into situations thinking about the worst case scenario. betting it would be a poor experience. assuming it would not serve me.

I would stewwwww in the vibration of lack. of judgement. shame & guilt.

& so, my world became filled with lack. with judgement. with shame & with guilt.

every time I got dressed.

every time I looked in the mirror.

every time I met someone new.

every time I spoke aloud.

I vibrated with fear.

the biggest step in my healing journey came when I woke up to this. when I realized that the more energy I spent criticizing myself shaming myself judging myself the more I would feel criticized shamed & judged.

when I began to intentionally place my energy my thoughts my words into accepting, loving & caring for myself — I began to feel accepted, loved & cared for.

it’s simple really.

love > fear.


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