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January 11, 2021

a gentle monday reminder that self care — the care of your body, mind & soul — is sacred. it is done for you, by you, to nourish — you.

I love that self care is at the forefront of the wellness space, but like many things that become trendy — it can become saturated. misguided. feeding our ego. our desire for perfection. our need for control. for salvation.

when my head hits the pillow each night, I reflect. did I do right by all of you? did I accomplish my goal? to light a spark in you? to inspire you?

not to inspire you to be more like me — but to become unapologetically you. authentically you. inspired to honor yourself every moment of every day. because why else would we be here? if not to live our truth & prioritize love?

I am here to remind you that self care is positively, without a doubt the most sacred & personal practice we have on this earth.

so when you come across a “what I ate in a day” reel, or a skincare IGTV, or an aesthetically pleasing photo of someone’s coffee swaddled in their white linen sheets— I invite you to shift the dialogue from “I need to do what they do” to “what can I do today to honor my body, mind & soul?”

&& then listen.

not to the voice saying you need to buy more be more do more. but to the quieter voice. the one asking for peace. love. joy.

because to truly take care of yourself all you need is already within you. you don’t need 48 crystals, a planner packed to the minute & the newest activewear set.

self care simply requires patience. compassion. forgiveness. surrender. & most importantly — mindfulness.

this is not to condemn creators for showing up & providing tools for their community — that’s the best part of my job!! this is a reminder to us as consumers. creator or not. that no one else’s version of self care should dictate how we show up for ourselves. no one else’s self care routine can be copied & pasted into our own day. that’s not how it works.

let others inspire you to take action — but don’t let your ego trick you into thinking their action is the best action for you. we are all so wonderfully beautifully unique. it would be a shame to pretend otherwise.

with love 🕊


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