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January 10, 2021

it’s one of those mornings I woke up feeling uneasy. unsure what today will bring. anxiety? joy? peace? discomfort? for many reasons sundays are hard for me. I have to work extra hard to stay aligned with what I know serves me best. hope. warmth. nourishment.

so this morning I stayed in bed with wrapped in the comforter until 10am. pondering. sinking in. what is it that feels so sticky. heavy. low vibrational? I chose to get up make my warm water w lemon & catch some sun light. to signal to my body that today has begun & there is beauty around every corner. I’m going to meditate and journal, play with my crystals and tarot cards but I’m not doing this to fix what’s wrong or to put an end to my “bad day” — I am letting these tools guide me to the answer I need.

something deep within me is calling for love. so today I will listen.

something I’ve learned this past year is that we can have bad days but still have hope in our hearts. knowing our lows are simply the contrast that makes our highs so juicy. so warm.

so if you are struggling today just know it’s okay to sit in the discomfort. in fact you should. sink in to see what lies there. it’s okay to move slowly. to be unsure of the next step. to fidget around until you find something that sparks joy. it’s okay if it’s fleeting. if you feel at peace one moment and distraught the next.

I invite you today to simply be. to meet yourself where you are at. to place compassion above expectation. to release the “shoulds”. what you should do. should feel. should embody. because where you are today is exactly where you are meant to be. lean in.

take care my friends 🕊


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