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February 8, 2021

it’s monday again. how are you feeling? I started today anxious but am now settling back into alignment with peace & contentment.

we live in a chaotic world. a world where we have to show up for others for a large portion of our days. that has us living to work so we can merely survive & then invites us to spend our money on foods that poison our body, gadgets that poison our mind & beliefs that poison our soul.

beliefs like we are nothing more than a body. that we have no purpose here. that we have to wake up & let a set of self limiting beliefs that are buried in our subconscious define our reality.

there is so much to be seen to be consumed, executed, accomplished & if we aren’t careful this can rob us of our joy. our juice. our flow.

because we aren’t here to fulfill society’s watered down version of success that solely benefits 1% of the population. we are here because we all have a light within us that holds the power to heal. to soothe. to shine.

the one thing I have focused on this past year is shifting my perspective on anxiety. I have massive amounts of anxious thoughts which in turn leads to a lot of anxious feelings. but, with reflection dedication & compassion I realized that it’s not my fault that I suffer from thoughts that tell me I’ll never be enough do enough have enough. no, it wasn’t me at all. it was someone else who planted that seed of uncertainty into me. into all of us.

so this past year I decided to choose differently.

I choose to view the anxiety I experience as a blessing instead of a curse. because anxiety is simply misplaced passion.

we battle anxiety when we want to do more & be more. when we want things to be perfect. when we feel out of control. scattered. but what this is showing us is simply the darkness. it magnifies all the things we do not want — making what we DO want that much more clear.

anxiety reminds us that we are passionate beings. who desire to feel grounded. safe. in control. who want to show up as our best selves. to succeed to shine to flourish.

so, take time today to thank your anxiety. for showing you what you don’t want. making what you need that much clearer.

with love,


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