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February 7, 2022

february feels so warm. so abundant. so pure.

in 7 short days I have had highs lows & everything between. & from this I have grown. I have evolved. I am new.

because I stopped resisting. I stopped freaking out if my day took a turn. or if something didn’t go to plan. or I felt off. or weird. or tired. or sad.

when you fully surrender & believe that everything is meant for you — even when it hurts — you begin to learn from the lessons as you’re in them.

you begin to make choices out of love & not fear.

you begin to feel at peace even in the chaos.

you begin — again & again & again. each time growing wiser. stronger. with more wisdom. more knowing.

if you had big plans for this month but have been off to a rocky start, you aren’t alone!

choose to view the rocks as the catalyst that propels you forward. forcing you to shed, break, rebuild, realign.

because when you ask the universe for all you desire it will take away anything & everything that stands in the way of you & your highest timeline.

I love you.


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