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February 5, 2021

I spent close to a year trying my best to explain the importance of the contrast — the highs lows dark & light. I would stumble around, fumble with my words. I knew what I wanted to get across but I wasn’t sure how to say it. until one day while journaling — this message left my hand & came to life on paper.

I didn’t know if they were my words? had I heard them before? I googled. I searched.


they were mine. they came from me. my journey my lessons my truth my soul. they appeared to me in a moment of pure alignment. of surrender. of flow. & for the past few months they have been the words I share with my clients, family, friends && myself — over & over again.

because the hardest part of the highs & lows in this beautiful human existence we are all experiencing is the fear that comes with the transition.

when we feel… good? aligned? content? happy? peaceful? confident? we get scared. we tell ourselves it is too good to be true. that it won’t last long.

we wait for the other shoe to drop.

&& when it inevitably does, because there are no highs without the lows — we take pride in proving ourselves right.

“I knew it.”

&& so when we enter the low instead of being ready — to learn to surrender to embrace to shed. we judge. we shame. we guilt. why us? why can’t we just be happy? why are we never okay?

my invitation for you today:

ride the highs with gratitude knowing you are in alignment with the divine flow of life. feeling passion purpose & love in your heart. from here we make the magic happen. we turn our pain into beauty & let our intuition guide us onto the next thing. we follow the spark the passion the juicy the warm & we root ourselves into the present as our most authentic & vibrant selves.

accept the lows with grace knowing they come into your life for a divine purpose. to show you what needs love attention healing & compassion. from here we surrender. we break. shed. rebuild & emerge wiser stronger & with more clarity than before.

this contrast is the key to life. fighting it removes the most beautiful part of our humanness — our evolution.

don’t miss out on your chance to soar to rise — to become.

with love,


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