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February 4, 2021

the other night when I was trying to fall asleep to the sound of casey & jay snoring, my mind drifted way back. to the days of my eating disorder. to the moments I chose to hide my personality because I thought it was safer. to the moments I didn’t speak up & the moments I said too much & then let regret live rent free in my brain for the days that followed. I thought back to the moments I reached for food to binge instead of a pen to journal. to times in high school when I chose outfits based on what some small town boys may think. to the moments I believed that every thought in my brain was a fact. the truth. the end all be all.

when you wake up, when you choose to tap in tune in & live a life of mindfulness — it opens the door to healing, compassion, understanding &&& a choice you never had before.

mindfulness is THE catalyst for change.

because if you aren’t aware of your thoughts, if you just let them run on autopilot without ever stopping to ask “is this true?” “is this serving me?” “is this ME?” — then those autopilot thoughts will dictate your mood your energy your decisions your reality &&& the opportunity to choose again — it doesn’t exist.

you cannot choose authenticity over acceptance or compassion over judgement or love over fear if you are not tuning in. mindful. aware.

mindfulness doesn’t heal you. but instead opens the door to heal yourself. once you understand that you are NOT your thoughts but the AWARENESS of your thoughts — you have a choice that you never had before. it is then up to you to choose differently. to remind yourself of your divinity. to support yourself the way you would a friend or loved one. to show yourself the truth instead of letting a false reality control your existence.

don’t let the self limiting beliefs, the trauma from your past & the fear of judgement dictate who you are, what you think & how you live.

take back control. fill your conscious brain with loving affirmations. with empathy. understanding. gratitude. love.

&& watch as the world before you begins to unfold in ways you never thought possible.

the power of thought.


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