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February 28, 2022

yesterday was the official closing of our chapter in worcester. feeling such deep gratitude for all this lil baby 500sq ft apartment did for us.

we first stepped foot in here as 2 souls looking for salvation. for relief. for healing. we had the most tumultuous spring & summer in our relationship to date. but we were determined to have this space be the container that guides us back to one another.

& that is exactly what happened.

this apartment held space for a roller coaster of emotions. it witnessed our breaking down & our rebuilding.

the floors felt many tears fall but the walls heard our laughter grow. our communication strengthen. & our love blossom.

in such a small space every day felt like a mission to choose joy — but it was a lesson who’s power we needed more than we knew at the time.

we overcame bad days, sour moments, raging moods. but for every disagreement there was a beautiful surrender. a softening.

this is the home we finally became teammates. us against the world.

not us against each other.

I could go on & on about our relationship and how it’s grown. but I never want you to think it’s all peaches & roses.

we could easily look back at this place with grief & disappointment. nights spent arguing. days spent cursing our lack of personal space. weeks filled w frustration & lack of connection.

but as we look back we see SO clearly that this tiny place was made just for us.

it was the catalyst for the growth needed to take place to shift from bf+gf to calling each other partners for life 💍

it feels good to trust that everything is happening for me.

shitty lil apartment included 🕊

onto the next!!! renovating our newly purchased CONDO 😮‍💨

plz send help I suck at interior design. thx in advance :)


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