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February 25, 2021

a gentle thursday reminder that while being on a journey of growth & evolution is beautiful, exciting & something to be proud of — we have to be careful with the intention in which we pursue the new.

because when we are always concerning ourselves with what comes next, with how we can change, how we can do more & be more — we can easily slip into the vibration of fear. of lack. of unworthiness. of not being enough as we are.

as someone who loves waking up every day looking for ways to expand. to evolve — I’m noticing that the more pressure I place upon myself to become something else — the more I am reinforcing that who I am right now isn’t enough.

so today, I’m inviting you, but also myself — to sink into who we are right now, even though we want to be better.

to ask ourselves:

• how can we love & respect this version of ourselves — even when there are parts we want to change?

• how can we make who we are today enough — even when we know we are capable of more?

• how can we move through our day with the intention to learn to grow to become — while also honoring who we are in each moment?

& if you struggle to find the answers I’ll give you a clue...

acceptance. acceptance. acceptance.

we have to be intentional with the energy & place with which we approach our healing, our growth, our evolution.

& from here, from acceptance — the journey stays light. it stays juicy. it stays warm. from here, we evolve with love > fear.

sending you all extra hugs & kisses today 💋


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