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February 17, 2021

I fully embody the divinity within me.

I honor my femininity. I honor my masculinity. I honor the dance between the two. I channel these energies to accomplish my goals with ease.

I embody the flow of the divine feminine to expand my consciousness. to let my intuition be my guide. to connect share nurture create & love.

I embody the strength of the divine masculine to help me get where I am going. to assess take risks to be bold daring fearless & focused.

I am in a place now, where these two energies are harmonized.

but for many years — the only energy I embodied was masculine.

it was the years of being an athlete & living in a world filled with toxic masculinity & the stories passed along of women who were weak or weird or crazy for honoring their essence, for flowing through life with emotion & expression leading the way — that pushed me to shut off my femininity. to hide it. suppress it. ignore it.

on the field, in the weight room, the locker room — there is no space, no place, no time — for femininity. there are no tears. no emotions other than aggression, angst, anger, determination, logic & competitiveness. you do more you push harder you block out the pain the heartbreak the longing & you get shit done.

&& boy was I good at it. shutting off. numbing. pushing. fighting. I loved it I lived it I breathed it.

but I took this with me. it didn’t stay on the field. it became my presence. my energy.

I was known as cold intimidating bitter bitchy judgmental.

I lacked compassion empathy forgiveness.

& so I struggled. I struggled to feel confident in my body. in my knowing — my intuition. I didn’t feel confident sexually — with myself or with partners. I didn’t like who I was because I was ignoring the largest part of who I am — a divine being.

I had myself convinced that no matter how much I longed to feel sexy powerful confident — it just wasn’t in the cards for me.

but after years of inner work — prioritizing acceptance & compassion, I finally accept that I am without a doubt — a sexual sensual sultry goddess. & I will continue to do the work. to honor my divinity. no matter how hard it feels.

will you join me?


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