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February 15, 2022

the pain that comes each time we affirm that we aren’t good enough will eventually kill our spirit. put out our fire. squash the life our inner child entered this world with.

I’ve lived in that pain. it was all consuming. it spread like wildfire burning every area of my life.

I woke up feeling ashamed of who I was & I went to bed filled with fear of what the next day would bring.

I followed 100’s of accounts to help me lose weight. I spent thousands on courses & ebooks that promised me salvation through achieving a number on the scale.

I watched YouTube videos of girls who looked skinny & pretty & hung on every word they said.

I exhausted every tangible option on my pursuit of perfection.

but it was never enough. it never gave me what I truly desired…

what I didn’t know then but now see so clearly is that my heart & soul was not longing for perfection but instead — a love for myself.

a love so deep & so pure I could float through my life with ease.

basking in the glory of my uniqueness.

lighting up the world with my authenticity alone.

^ that is not something we achieve by adding new habits to our day or getting enough protein.

it’s not something we are given just because we invest in a coach or healer either.

I will never claim to heal you. I will never promise that my program is your salvation.

but what I can promise is that by investing in yourself & joining one of my containers your life will never be the same.

because it’s not what my knowing & wisdom can teach you about life — it’s what my journey teaches you about yourself.

I stand firmly before you as a coach & healer to be your mirror. to show you the parts of yourself that are asking for love compassion forgiveness & validation.

guiding you. holding you. loving you.

so that you can receive access you your own wisdom. your own knowing.

I light the spark. I illuminate the path.

but I pass the torch to you.

if you’re ready to receive,

if you’re ready to leap,

if you’re ready to learn, to grow, to step into alignment with your most authentic, free & loving self…

the RWP 2.0 Mastermind awaits 🕊

join via link in bio, baby!

let’s get to healing 🤍


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