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February 13, 2022

happy snowy super bowl sunday :)

if you find yourself struggling with your relationship to food today here are a few words I hope can be of service to you.

drop the idea that today (or any day) is all or nothing.

a healthy day vs a cheat day.

that there are good foods & bad foods.

when we release the pressure to stay *on track* we create space for all food to serve us on a soul & physical level. whether it’s homemade guac or delivery pizza.

when we place our trust back in our body it becomes really simple.

because our body is all knowing.

let it lead the way!!!

you see — it’s when we stay in our head & let the voice of fear dictate what we can & cannot eat that we suffer.

the more we restrict the more we ring the alarms that we are not in control. that we are not safe. the less control we feel the more we spiral.

this leads to binging.

which leads to self loathing.

shame & guilt.

all of which have no place in a healthy relationship to food.

if you find yourself battling the voice of fear today take a moment to send yourself love. that voice is not YOU.

that voice is the manifestation of a seed planted long ago.

the seed of unworthiness.

the seed that is watered every time we are told to eat less & workout more. to cover up our pimples & hide our imperfections. to dim our light & stay in our lane.

we are taught to hate ourselves.

everywhere we look there is something or someone insisting that who we are is not good enough.

that we can be better if we just… change. twist. contort. starve. restrict. shed. & force ourselves to the fit the mold.

fck the mold. fck the box the world wants to fit you in. fck the idea that our worth is dependent upon our physical body / bank account / job title or relationship status.

you are worthy simply because you exist!!!

show your body love today by handing over the reigns. let it tell you what it needs wants & desires. be brave enough to choose differently.

love > fear



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