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February 10, 2022

hi, my name is emma & I suck at handling the in between.

you know that space where you are half in half out? leaving one place but haven’t arrived at the next? feeling like you’re moving but not going anywhere?

yeah…I’m not great at handling this physically or energetically.

my current in between battle:

- we officially move into our new home next week.

- I am currently staying at my parents house in MA because they are away & I am watching their dog plus mine aka 3 massive fur babies.

- casey is currently at our new place in NH since he started work.

- the majority of our stuff is still at the old apartment an hour away waiting to be packed up for movers.

- we bought the condo but are renting it for now because don’t close til march which means we can’t renovate yet (we need to do kitchen & bathroom)

- needing to sell old furniture to buy new stuff but I am not physically with any of it

- & on top of it all I am launching my new baby my new soul extension my new offer, the RWP 2.0 mastermind as we speak.

& I struggle because of my anxiety. I struggle because before I do ONE thing my mind is like BUT WAIT!? what about this? how about that?

I thrive when I am with my THINGS. in my SPACE. when I can predict what is going to unfold.

so feeling scattered across 3 homes in 2 states has me 🥵

I’m sharing this because as much as I want to hold tightly & cater to my “tendencies” I am here on this path to learn how to release them so I can be fully in the now.

when my mind runs rampant it sounds like - “WAIT should we paint before we move? or after reno? wait when is the reno gonna happen? oh shit I need a desk! do I buy it now? or later? when? how? paint colors! wait, tile! wait post on insta!”

& this is when I CHOOSE to take the time.

to talk to myself with patience love & compassion.

to release the judgement of myself for being this way.

I am not perfect & will never claim to be.

when too many things happen at once I tend to crumble. aka why I spent the whole day off of social yesterday.

but this process? of choosing love for myself? & accepting that I have more to learn?

that is my ticket to freedom 🕊



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