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February 10, 2021

growing together looks really pretty from the outside. but it takes a lot of work. commitment. compassion.

it requires constant communication. radical transparency & a whole lot of patience.

every relationship has its sh*t. ours is no different. 2020 started off rocky. we almost called it quits. but at the end of the day we both knew that we were self sabotaging.

because sometimes it feels easier to project than to reflect & to build walls instead of foundations.

but nothing worth having doesn’t require dedication to the work. surrender. knowing there will be highs & lows ups & downs. good days & hard days.

so we chose. to create a new foundation. because for years our foundation was comfort — it was easier to stay together than to break up... & so we stayed.

but this foundation wasn’t stable. it wasn’t sturdy. it couldn’t withstand a storm. a bad day. a low day. & so we kept breaking. kept trying to rebuild on the same sh*tty foundation & it was always a matter of time before things came crashing down again.

so. we sat down & decided we had to start over. begin new. we asked ourselves what it is we without a doubt need from one another. && it became clear really fast that our biggest need was feeling supported. like we were on the same team. we needed less devils advocate & more understanding. less assumptions & more compassion.

&& I’m happy to say I have never felt more seen. held. encouraged & supported than I do right now.

casey is at the top of my gratitude list every morning. because the cool thing about two washed up athletes choosing to up-level their relationship is how hard we worked to get here. we love a challenge. we get off on opportunity for growth.

so here we are. happy today. potentially frustrated tomorrow. but supporting each other through it all.

casey if you’re seeing this hi, I miss you. hope work is good. dinner tonight is crispy chicken thighs & roasted brussels. kinda wanna try the yuca fry recipe. thoughts?


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