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February 1, 2021

it’s been a funky start to my year. weird energy. lots of emotion. pain. second guessing. exhaustion. discomfort.

but with this, comes opportunity. to reflect. to sink in. reassess. choose again.

my dear friend @its_nicolettemarie hosted an affirmation challenge in august and we decided to do it again for the month of february. each day choose 3 affirmations. write in your journal, on a sticky note to hang in your work space, in your notes app — do what you feel called to. share if you feel called to. keep it to yourself if it serves you best.

I’m still feeling blah but I’m working to align myself with compassion. with love. because blah is okay. sometimes blah is more than okay. I’m guilty of rushing myself out of low times dark times uncomfy times. I judge myself for the feelings that emerge & wish them away. I feel like I can’t be @realwithemma for you for my clients for anyone if I’m blah if I’m meh if I’m eh.

but this is just a story. a story that lives in my subconscious. that speaks through my ego. that was written by society. to instill fear. to keep us small. that wraps perfection in a bow & makes honoring your truth look weak.

so today I am working to rewrite that story. to choose differently.

sometimes we get caught thinking to correctly choose again we must choose joy or happiness or some better brighter prettier reality. but sometimes all we need to choose is forgiveness. trust. empathy. patience. or a new nail design to match the energy we desire.

do what you can to meet yourself where you are at.

there are things going on in this crazy cosmic universe that we have no control of. I invite you to join me in finding peace in the chaos. to move through whatever lessons knock at our door. knowing we will emerge wiser & more certain than ever, that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

Xx #realwithemma 🕊🕊🕊


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