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December 7, 2020

what a monday morning after a weekend of drinking, celebrating & not working out used to look like:

6am wake up. 30 minutes cardio. hour of weights. chug black coffee. look in the mirror to see if I’m skinny enough to eat a big breakfast. drink more coffee. feel immense shame & guilt because I fell off track over the weekend. make an egg white scramble. choke it down with a side self loathing. contemplate working out again. decide if I want to purge up my breakfast. feel anxiety knowing I have to be a living human for the rest of the day.

what a monday morning after a weekend of drinking, celebrating & not working out looks like now:

slow wake up. cuddling jay after 10 glorious hours of sleep. warm water w lemon. meditation. tarot. read today’s message from journey to the heart. journaling - to reflect, realign & manifest. oat & chia protein waffle for breakfast. @jot iced coffee. gua sha. sun on my skin. hand on my heart. RWP group call feeling grateful as fck.

because — even though this weekend was filled with red wine & amazingly delicious, high calorie foods — I am not spending my monday filled with regret or shame. because I didn’t fall of track. there is no track. there is only nourishment. && nourishment puts my mental health above my body image. nourishment is honoring not just my body’s needs but my soul’s needs too.

this weekend nourishment looked like good food, good company & good wine. walking around town, taking in the holiday lights & being undeniably present.

today nourishment looks like fitting in a workout. eating plant based meals. getting my work done. helping casey tidy up house. lots of water & even more compassion.

because nourishment only comes when we release what we think we “should” do & instead, make the choice to lean into whatever it is that serves us best. no judgement. no fear. just love.


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