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December 4, 2021

do you also find it strange that we have this life, this one delicate life & for the majority of it — we are scared to live it the way we want?

fearful of the opinion of others. fearful of failure. fearful of breaking out of the box we tucked ourselves away in?

for years (more like decades) I labeled myself as an athlete. I was stuck in this box with limited options as to how I could express myself. my body & athletic ability defined my worthiness. competitiveness ranked higher than compassion.

I had anxiety wearing clothes that were cool sexy flattering because it felt like those didn’t fit in my box. I had anxiety embracing myself sexually because the primary energy I was taught to embody was masculine. I couldn’t be soft. gentle. warm. I had to be tough. hard. cold.

I spent years forcing a career in sport & fitness because that was the only thing I was good at. known for. worthy of. I couldn’t possibly run a business. everyone would laugh if I even considered the idea because I’m just a dumb jock. I couldn’t possibly talk about self care or love or divinity — because those don’t belong inside my box.

this narrative fueled by my ego, by fear, by society — lived rent free in my brain until one day I decided I was worth more. my life was worth more. why else would my soul choose to come to earth if not to make this the juiciest experience it can be? filled with love joy passion laughter creativity growth expansion?

sunday night I asked all of you what you were too scared to do in 2020 that is calling your name in 2021.

many may view the answers & feel sorrow for those living in fear but what I see is opportunity. each of you are now at a fork in the road. what you choose to do is up to you but if you needed an invitation this is it.

break out of your box. because it’s only in your head. it’s self imposed with walls held up by society’s standards but I promise you the minute they fall & you are set free your potential becomes unlimited.

opportunity becomes endless. creativity soars. passion runs wild.

do that thing. do everything. do you be you & never apologize for the version of you that emerges.

with love


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