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December 24, 2020

how do you feel today? I feel amazing! hopeful. grateful. joyous. at peace. there is just something in the air this time of year. do you feel it?

the holiday season has always had my heart — but for the majority of my life I let my body image dictate how worthy I was of experiencing the warmth of the season. my body was the tool I used to determine if I was worthy of dessert, wine, sleep, laughter, joy & peace.

how delicious it issssss walking into this christmas with nothing but an open heart. ready to be present. determined to find joy no matter how hard it feels. to enjoy wine & dessert without my ego telling me I’m not worthy of it. how juicyyyyyy it feels knowing that all the work I’ve done to choose again these past few years has fulfilled its purpose.

I chose again and again and again and again. & each choice embedded those new thoughts, new perspectives, new beliefs into my subconscious. by staying mindful I was able to catch my ego in action. I was able to separate myself from my thoughts. and choose better ones. ones that affirm my worthiness. my divinity. every time I chose again I created new neural pathways in my brain — ones that lead to joy forgiveness compassion & love instead of fear shame guilt and judgment.

our brain is a muscle. practice makes perfect. tap in. tune in. be mindful. how do you speak to yourself? what is your ego telling you? become aware. affirm that your thoughts aren’t facts & that you are not the thought you are the awareness. && choose again.

soon enough the thoughts you choose become the dominant thoughts you have each day.

how mfcking cool?!

cheers to all of you who chose to choose again this year. keep going & remember — the journey is the best part.

&& to those of you who still struggle with your ego. take this holiday season as an opportunity to tune in tap in. are your thoughts robbing you of presence? if so, choose again 🤍

&& lastly, to all of my clients & RWP girls. I am endlessly proud of you. for committing to change. for doing the work. & for letting me be part of your journey to your best self. I’m so grateful for you.

all my love 🕊✨🪐🔮👼🏼


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