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December 23, 2020

last night I found myself scrolling through my feed. I was trying to find a certain picture. but soon enough I was stopping. pausing. absorbing. all of the words I wrote almost 2 years ago. they hit me like a truck. I must have forgotten that when I finally chose to show up on here & speak my truth — I was in the depths of my recovery.

recovery from multiple disordered relationships — with food. working out. my body. judgement. comparison. worthiness.

&& here I stand today. december 23, 2020 about to eat a gluten free bagel with vegan cream cheese without a care in the world. because to me this is nourishment. simple as that. to me, nourishment comes in many forms. it’s tucked inside smoothies & green juice, adaptogens & leafy greens. but it’s also lying within in a glass of wine, pancakes w/ extra chocolate chips & the last slice of gf/df pizza.

mindful eating. that’s the name of the game. that is how I healed. it was every choice I made every day for the past 2 years that got me here. at peace with my body. at peace with food. at peace with my reality.

I didn’t share much about my diet or my workout routine this last year. because, frankly I had bigger fish to fry. like choosing love > fear. but 2021 feels like the perfect time to show you all the power of mindful consumption.

so buckle up friends, it’s about to get juicy 🍑⚡️🔮🌞🔥

p.s. my friend @balancebyjo reminded me how good @canyonglutenfree bagels are so run don’t walk & get yourself some gf goodness!!


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