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December 2, 2020

guess who’s entering her luteal phase?!

I cannot begin to express the excitement that I feel as my body moves through its 28 day menstrual cycle. I got my IUD out on Sept 1 and knew it would be an uphill battle. && let’s just say — I was right.

my skin has thrown tantrum over tantrum & I can’t seem to figure out what it needs. redness, roughness, back & chest acne, you name it. my sex drive has been all over the place. I cry at least once a day. my cramps have me popping edibles & bringing my comforter to the couch but through I all I am SMILING because I am headed into my third HEALTHY, ON TIME period since going off of birth control. && that is because I have been doing the work to support it.

what I do to nourish my cycle:

—— seed cycling: 1 tbsp pumpkin & flax seed daily during my follicular & ovulation phase // 1 tbsp sesame & sunflower seed daily for my luteal & menstrual phase.

—— taking @elixhealing the 5-7 days leading up to menstruation — aka my luteal phase. use code RWE15 for $ off

—— working out & eating foods based on the energy of each phase which correlate to nature’s seasons:

❄️ menstruation phase is winter — we need warming foods like root veggies & broths. more rest, stillness. cancel plans. reflect. prioritize self care. epsom salt baths. essential oils. orgasms to help with cramps!

🌷follicular phase is spring — our energy comes back & begins to blossom. we feel creative & energized. intensify your workouts. chill w nature. eat sprouted & fermented foods to balance hormones.

🌞 ovulation phase is summer — everything is at its peak! we feel good, look good & are confident. we crave connection & want to be social. make plans. do some HIIT. get outdoors. eat raw foods, fruits & veggies.

🍂 luteal phase is fall — we begin to come down off the ovulation high. this is when most women experience PMS. its important to listen to your body & not to push. opt for yoga & walks. eat magnesium rich & nutrient dense foods && take @elixhealing for that extra nourishment.

I hope this makes you feel more connected to the beauty that your cycle is & helps you choose nourishment with a bit more ease 🕊🕊🕊


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