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December 16, 2020

I know what I want. I know how I feel. I know where my intuition is guiding me. I always have. I’m bold. I’m fearless. I’m hot or I’m cold. I’m in or I’m out.

my human design chart affirms this with my authority being sacral. this means my gut response (yes/no) is my strongest guide to make decisions.

but that doesn’t mean I always allow this knowing to serve it’s purpose. I fight it. I seek validation from others before giving myself the green light to lean into what I know is right. because growing up people tell you not to rush. go slow. think it over. contemplate. weigh your options. play it safe.

so I did. & in turn I was left more confused than before. it made me second guess my knowing & so — I fell out of touch with my intuition.

many of you are like me. generators or manifesting generators with a sacral authority. do you feel safe enough to honor your gut? your intuition? your knowing?

so many people in this space inspire me. they fuel the fire that burns within every cell of my being. they ignite my intuition & make me feel safe as I choose my own path. but others, they leave me second guessing. why? my gut tells me it’s because they are playing it safe, which makes me feel insecure in my choice to be bold. I have felt more waves of inauthenticity on my feed than usual. I think it’s because many of us on here are trying to fit the mold of what’s been done before.

& while my instinct is to be angry because those following the trends & the aesthetic make me second guess what I’m doing — I choose to send them love. because I have also posted what I felt like I “should” instead of what I wanted. I too, have let my thumbs run wild, typing from my heart, only to backspace my knowing away.

I’ve learned a lot this year. I’ve come to deep & intense revelations. the most important being — I’m not here to be like you. I’m here to be me. unapologetically me. && to show you that magical things happen when you choose love > fear.

if you want to learn more about your human design chart check out @jovianarchive. because the answers we need are already within us.


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