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December 15, 2020

period day 2 feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck. I preach to my clients & to all of you the importance of rest & leaning into stillness — especially when we are menstruating. but I have to admit this is something I struggle with.

i’ve found myself needing more rest than ever before & it wasn’t until recently that I realized why.

my rest isn’t restful.

because while I take time off of my phone & away from the noise to be still & fill my cup — I am still letting my ego come in & rain on my parade. telling me I haven’t earned my rest, that there are other things I need to be doing. & so while I “attempt” to rest my body is operating in the vibration of judgement, shame, guilt & fear — depleting me of energy & signaling to my body that I’m not safe.

the hard truth is — there is no rest, there is no rejuvenation, when stress & judgement are present.

to truly rest requires work. inner work. we have to make the conscious choice to quiet the ego & choose again. when the voice pops up telling us we are lazy, wasting time, unproductive we have to remind ourselves that we are not our thoughts — we are the awareness of our thoughts. that thoughts are not facts — they are past experiences trying to relive itself. that they are the conditioning, perspectives & beliefs ingrained in us from a society & culture that profits from our anxiety, illness & fear.

when it comes to rest we have to choose the intention in which we do it — or we risk our rest depleting us completely.

choose to view rest as productive — like charging a battery, giving us the energy to keep going. choose to view rest as an opportunity to tune into our vibration — feeling where we are on the alignment scale so we can lean into whatever makes us feel even 1% better, moving us into a higher vibration.

choose to rest with love > fear & feel the magic happen.

sending love 🕊


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