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December 14, 2020

I’ve swapped out routines for rituals & my life is forever changed. routines get old. boring. we tend to cruise through them in autopilot. & while they help to get things done — I’m over doing things just to get them done.

rituals on the other hand, are fueled by intention. they are slow & have meaning. they connect us to our bodies. our minds. our needs. desires. no ritual can be done in autopilot — in a ritual, there is only presence.

my routines used to revolve around working out & weighing my food. I treated my body like it was worthless. feeding it garbage. living on low cal inflammatory foods. tearing up my gut. suppressing my emotions. it was like this for years. the damage that was done lingers in every moment of every day. my body hurts. I have anxiety. poor digestion. troubled sleep.

but through mindfulness, I am able to choose again.

I now wake up each morning & begin my day with a few small rituals. splashing my face with cold water. applying my serums & oils. warm water w lemon. fresh air. meditation. journaling.

but one I look forward to most is taking my @joyorganics CBD. the benefits are beyond - yes. anxiety, sleep, inflammation, pain. but it’s the physical act of putting this organic, quality sourced, full spectrum CBD into my body that makes this ritual so special. when I take my CBD I pay gratitude to my body for still showing up after I abused it for years. I pay gratitude that we finally have holistic options to treat chronic pain. I feel pride as I drop the magic under my tongue because I am actively choosing to nourish myself.

&& to celebrate my love for @joyorganics & their love for all of you we are hosting a CBD g i v e a w a y 🕊

to enter: comment & tag a friend who needs some CBD in their life! unlimited entries & bonus for adding this post to your story!

you’ll be receiving a box of 3 @joyorganics goodies & you have until this friday 12/18 to enter!


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