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December 1, 2021

dear december,

it’s been quite the year. how have you been? the last time I saw you spirits were high. gratitude ran deep & hope embodied every cell within me.

we had a good time last year didn’t we? my birthday was the best to date. the holidays were spent in true presence. & the great conjunction felt like the beginning of a whole new life. a whole new world. a whole new me.

to be honest I didn’t think I would be writing this letter from the place I am in. I’m not sure where I thought I would be…maybe somewhere brighter? with less pain? less aching? less longing?

but don’t worry! you know there is always a silver lining in this crazy thing we call life. & even though 2021 was my toughest year to date — I know damn well that where I am is exactly where I am supposed to be. where I am meant to be.

— because even though my mind aches for perfection, my heart knows that nothing worth while is achieved without work. faith. surrender.

— because my deepest knowing understands that no steps can be skipped on the path toward my best self my highest self my greatest good.

so here I am. approaching my 28th lap around the sun. a fraction of who I thought I would be — & the full embodiment of all that I am.

my dear december…

thank you for holding space. for allowing love to flow & joy to grow. for showing our world that endings are just as beautiful as beginnings. for providing opportunity to reflect. rejoice. reclaim.

I am here. I am grateful. I am ready. & I absolutely without a doubt, love you.


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