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Autumn Equinox - 9.22.21

this is quite literally my favorite day of the year.

the air is crisp! the coffee is hot! fall is here!!!

today is the autumn equinox. why do I love it so much? because it is a powerful time for us to take a moment — reflect. reassess. celebrate & set new intentions.

the summer is our time to broaden our horizons, expand & play.

but with the change of seasons comes a rich contraction. pushing us to go within. to meet unmet emotions. needs. wants. desires. to take stock of what has served us through spring & summer — & make note of what we no longer need to carry.

just as the trees shed their leaves to create space for new — we are being called to do the same.

release what no longer serves us to make way for new energy new ideas new growth new love.

because just like nature, we are cyclical beings. embrace it!!!

today is also a day to pay gratitude — to reflect on all you’ve accomplished. all you’ve experienced. all you’ve learned. all you’ve become. we have gone through a lottt since planting new seeds in the spring. what is ready to harvest? what wasn’t able to grow because it wasn’t shown enough love? what grew… that doesn’t align with what we want now?

Dive into these journal prompts & get ready to step into your power in this coming season.



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