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August 9, 2021

I spent my sunday night alone. just me, some sushi, red wine & puppy love.

I took things slow. I watched a movie from netflix’s romance section. I stretched. had some ice cream. did a second new moon // 8/8 portal ritual. had some solo time w my body & was peacefully in bed by 9pm.

I knew that if I wanted this coming week to unfold with ease I needed to treat myself with tender love & care. I needed to do the things to reinforce to myself that I am worthy. loved. valued. sacred.

because this week I am back. at my desk. checking emails. making plans. scheduling. creating — the works.

& I am excited! because to be honest with you… I haven’t worked in months. I haven’t done any admin, content creation, podcasting — nothing for my business. technically I’ve still had my client calls but those feel like the opposite of work. my clients light me up & bring more value to my day than words can express.

but it’s been hard. to not guilt myself. to not feel ashamed that the state of my mental health put out my creative fire. & caused a pure lack of energy, drive & motivation. to sit down & create new programs. or marketing material. or reels or tik toks. or to update my expense sheets & try to grow my platform. I haven’t really been promoting my programs or business either. because up until a few weeks ago I wasn’t sure I wanted one anymore.

with time I know I will grab my podcast mic & share just how insane life has been lately.

but until then I’m going with the flow. seeing where my to-do list takes me.

leaning into my intuition.

taking inspired action.

showing up authentically.

trusting — that the next step the next path the next surge of motivation is right around the corner. ready to lead me to the next chapter of realwithemma.

what I can tell you right now is that energetically I feel like the same emma who started her biz from the ground up. simply passionate. simply called to share. simply happy. simply grateful for the journey — the highs lows & everything between.


hope you’re all having an amazing monday. & don’t forget to show yourself some love. you deserve it.


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