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August 5, 2021

make every choice in your day a nourishing one & in time you will find yourself feeling the way you desire to feel.

because there is no track. no off track or on track. there is only nourishment. there are only choices. the choice to nourish your body your mind your soul. the choice to unapologetically take care of yourself.

self care.

it’s not one size fits all. there is no right way or wrong way. it doesn’t have to be pretty or aesthetic. you don’t need to snap a photo to make it worth while. it’s about intention over perfection & presence over expectation.

it is the sacred practice of tending to your wants needs & desires.

it’s taking a deep breath before you react. it’s surrendering to the chaos. it’s speaking your truth. it’s taking the time to reflect. to connect to nature & your loved ones. it’s fueling your body with foods from the earth. && above all else it’s showing yourself compassion. embracing your uniqueness & knowing that the things within you that spark the most shame & fear are the road map to your healing. to your evolution.

don’t miss out. take the time. day by day choice by choice.

sending my love 🕊


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