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August 4, 2021


I don’t think we will ever have it “figured out” & I think that’s the point. I think love is our greatest teacher. a beautiful conduit for growth & evolution.

I don’t think love is something you can summarize. or measure. or define. especially romantic love.

it’s been a hard year for each of us individually. it’s also been a hard year for our relationship. everything that was left untouched made its way to the surface.

I thrive with alone time. vibing in my own energy. making choices during the day for me & me only.

he thrives at work. being with a team a staff going outdoors finding purpose & passion each day coaching the sport he (& I) love.

& when the pandemic stripped those away the real work began. we have spent more time together this last year than in our previous years combined. it was beautiful but it was difficult.

I believe that’s how it goes for anything worth having. it is how well you can find beauty & gratitude in the work.

& boy have we WORKED.

yesterday afternoon we hung out. grabbed a drink. walked. talked. & we discussed just how hard this year has felt. we agreed it was worth it — but fck was it exhausting. it felt like ALL our energy was going toward bettering our relationship. to being transparent. communicating. sharing unpacking surrendering releasing.

at one point I looked at him & said how I was excited for him to go back to work. I was a bit nervous. I didn’t want him to be upset. but when I saw the relief wash over his face I knew we were on the same page.

he leaves tomorrow to begin the fall season. I’ll join him in Sept when it’s time to move. && we are both relishing in the fact that we made it. we did the work. we showed up went within chose to heal chose each other.

our new foundation has been built.

& after 9 years of laughs tears projecting apologizing surrendering long distance puppy one puppy two career chaos a global pandemic approaching our 6th move together knowing the work continues — we are unapologetically enjoying the massive exhale we are able to take because we chose love > fear.

so, cheers to another summer with you @caseydeandrade5. you make it worth the work ;)


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