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August 30, 2021

it took me years.

years of dedication — to the work.

years of surrender — to the process.

years of devotion — to mindfulness.

years of commitment — to compassion.

& most importantly, it took trust.

trusting — that as long as I let my intuition guide me, I would get where it is I needed to go.

trusting — that the universe would continue to show me what I needed to see.

trusting — the divine timing of my life.

&& wouldn’t you know it, I was brought to the here & now.

feeling confident in my body. loving my body. accepting my body. nourishing my body.

taking care of my physical health my mental health my emotional health my spiritual health.

living loving laughing enjoying — BEING.

&& above all else knowing that every low every hurdle every bump in the road is there for my highest good. pushing me to realign refocus reassess. so I can continue to emerge stronger wiser & closer to my highest self.

the journey to your best self is a never ending one. contrary to what is portrayed on social media, the choice to embark on this path is not always rainbows & sunshine.

it can feel lonely. dark. confusing. hopeless & like there is no end in sight.

the good news?

from the depths of my pain & the darkness of my own journey something beautiful was born…

a container — that lights up the path to your best most authentic most vibrant self. that guides you teaches you empowers you. that connects you to women who that will hold you see you validate you. that allows you to bridge the gap between who you are & who you are becoming.

by allowing you to simply be.

by showing you that all you need is already within you.

by helping you redefine YOUR journey to true wellness.

the September REALWITH Project is open for enrollment. we start on 9/13. spots are limited!!!

apply via link in bio!!! DM me to talk through whether this program is right for you!!! ask to book a consultation call!!!

the choice is yours.

love > fear


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