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August 19, 2021

wherever you are today is exactly where you are meant to be.

release the expectation of how things should look & instead focus on how they feel.

heavy? sticky? sad? boring? overwhelming? scary?

sit with the feelings. & don’t just think about them, feel them.

feel them so deeply you can’t help but have emotion rise to the surface.

once you’re here — emote that sh*t out. cry scream dance run sing laugh smile.

emotion = energy in motion.

there is a reason when we allow our feelings to wash over us we feel out of control. emotion takes over. tears release voices are raised hands move quickly.

our body is a well oiled machine. & it will do the work necessary to release the heavy sticky stagnant energy within you.

we store emotions in our physical body. we store trauma in our physical body. the more we hold back the tears suppress the rage ignore the grief & fight the release — the heavier that energy becomes.

let that sh*t out. free yourself from the weight of the past. surrender the idea that healing should be clean neat & pretty.

true healing comes from the chaos. the mess. the rage.

if it’s here, bubbling up inside you — it’s asking to be released.

surrender that sh*t.

happy thursday 🤍


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