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August 11, 2021

try this: instead of thinking of foods as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. view them as high vibe or low vibe. mood enhancers or mood depressors. & the question you ask yourself when you want the pizza the pasta the wine the cheese moves away from “will this make me fat?” & evolves into “will this make me feel my best?”

& when this shift happens the magic begins to unfold.

I promote mindful eating. combining my knowledge + my intuition to make the choices that serve me best.

here’s an example: I make sure my breakfast is nutrient dense & well balanced. not for health reasons but for vibrancy reasons. I choose to make my first meal of the day filled with foods that allow me to feel my best so I can show up as my best.

last weekend before the beach casey & I stopped at a coffee shop for breakfast. I was going to get a smoothie but saw they had gluten free scones 🤤 something I love but haven’t had in years. so without a second thought I ordered it! I ate every bite & was so happy. like, so happy. love me some scones.

but around 2pm when it was time for lunch I opened my cooler to see a variety of fruits veggies & yummy high vibe foods that I packed. but NONE of it sounded good. I didn’t “want” any of it. what I wanted & craved was candy. I wanted ice cream, no! french fries! wait, no! cookies!

I was literally making a list in my head of what I could get at the grocery store later that day & it was a list of high sugar/carb items.

to wrap up — those foods aren’t inherently “bad”, but what they do when consumed first thing in the AM is spike my blood sugar. causing a crash causing cravings causing instability in my mood & energy.

the key to keeping your blood sugar balanced AKA avoiding crashes, cravings, irritability, weight gain, mood swings & insomnia is to eat a meal rich in 3 things.

protein. healthy fats. fiber.

it was less about the scone & more about the lack of everything else 👀

the who, what, when, where, why & how to achieve a diet that promotes vibrancy, vitality & energy is nicely packed into week one of The REALWITH Project.

join the waitlist now via link in bio 🕊 enrollment opens 8/24 :)


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