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April 8, 2021

it’s strange. evolution. growth. healing.

we don’t notice the changes we make day to day. & because of this it is easy to feel like we are on a hamster wheel. working & working with minimal results. letting disappointment wash over us & comparison defeat us.

but when we zoom out & reflect on the past week, month, year — we remember. we see clearly all that we have become.

&& this morning I gifted myself with this practice. zooming out. reflecting. because even I struggle — to see the beauty in the work. to recognize all I have accomplished.

so I sat with my journal I put my pen to paper & I remembered...

that it is the moment each day when I look in the mirror & hear my ego knocking — asking to be let in. to express its fear. & it is the moment that follows when I lock the door, place my hand on my heart & tell my body I love it.

it’s the moments I reach for the extra slice of gf df pizza & feel the shame creep in but choose to tell myself that my body deserves nourishment.

it’s the moments I snooze my alarm & hear the voice of guilt chime in but choose the tell myself that my body deserves rest.

it’s the moments I log off of social media to go within & feel a pang of fear that I’ll be left behind but choose compassion because my soul deserves stillness.

it’s those moments that have changed me. shaped me. carried me along the path towards my greatest self. aligned with love. prioritizing my needs wants & desires.

when I look back on my journey to where I am now I am able to see all of the beauty. the work. the dedication. the trials & tribulations. I see that every single thing that I have encountered along my path was there for a reason. to serve a purpose.

&& this — this brings me right back into myself. sure. confident. grateful. excited.

so, my invitation for you today? zoom out. take the time. & above all else remember — it is the smallest changes that make the difference.

choice by choice. day by day. action by action.

love > fear.


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