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April 7, 2021

when you discover that you are more than you were ever taught to believe — it can feel really overwhelming.

I consider myself blessed because my natural inclination is to lean into discomfort. I am fueled by knowledge growth & expansion. during my spiritual awakening I enjoyed every moment of uncertainty. I dove deeper into the unknown. the dark. the woo woo. it made me feel alive. like a kid again. excited. curious. it lit a fire in me that had been dampened. weakened. put out time and time again by the fear that is so deeply woven into our society.

there is so much I want to say. to expand upon. to share. sometimes the things inside my brain are so large it feels impossible to boil it down into a caption. but I know it’s time. truly time — to open up and invite you all to join me on my path. my evolution. to my most embodied self.

I’m working on something so very special for all of you who are itching for that deeper expansion. who are currently embarking on a spiritual path or who simply feel the pull to go within but are longing for guidance. tools. love.

& from the connection I have with all of you I can confidently say there is a tribeeeee of us who just KNOW there is more for us in this lifetime. it makes me quite literally BEAM with excitement ⚡️more more more more more to come.

grateful for you all — truly . I’m not just throwing that word around. I responded to all my DMs today & am floating with gratitude. you make me feel seen. we are forever connected. I adore you. I love you.

eeeeeeekk 👻


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