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April 6, 2021

don’t over complicate things. meals workouts routines systems. start simple. start small.

I know the world makes you feel like you have to have an aesthetic breakfast & an aesthetic coffee & an aesthetic lunch break walk through the park & an aesthetic workout routine but — that’s a self imposed belief. one that easily infiltrates your conscious when you aren’t grounded in your essence.

you have to take what serves you & leave the rest.

recipe inspo? take.

guilt over your ability to make pretty meals? leave.

at home body weight workout? take.

comparing your body to someone else’s? leave.

inspiration for home decor? take.

shame around your simple home? leave.

the urge to romanticize your life? take.

judgement around what your life looks like? leave.

my invitation for you today is to find peace within yourself first. practice gratitude. journal. meditate. ground. sun gaze. make the time & do this before you grab your phone & jump onto social media each day.

have confidence in you. who you are. what you enjoy. what matters most. make this a priority & leaving the sh*t that doesn’t serve you gets easier & easier.

it’s not about what makes me happy. or suzy or sally or whoever it is you have on a pedestal. dig into your wants needs and desires. turn jealousy into inspiration. use your inspiration to make a change. but make the change small. so small you think it won’t impact you at all. because it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference.

sending love on this fine wednesday 🕊🕊🕊


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