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April 29, 2022

there have been many moments in my life I’ve been surrounded by beauty — but this feels like the first time I’ve been able to truly embrace it.

this mornings sunset left me in tears. the beauty captivated me. every cell in my body was vibrating with gratitude.

but I have to admit when we first landed here I felt pangs of guilt.

“is this wrong? am I worthy of a vacation? is this unnecessary? I don’t belong here… it’s too much”

wow is learning to receive HARD.

but boy is it powerful when you surrender & allow.

words can’t explain how good it feels to let myself feel good.

it’s taken years to get here… but it’s worth the work.

I hope you so the same for yourself today. regardless of where you are or who you are — you’re deserving of it all. beauty. love. abundance. connection. all. of. it.



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