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April 29, 2021

we’ve all tried. to build our future our health our worth our joy on a foundation that is pretty & promising. a foundation that promises us the world. a foundation that is made from routines, discipline, will power. a foundation that requires diets detoxes counting obsessing sweating & comparing.

we are told this foundation will set us up for success because — skinny = happy. skinny = worthy. skinny = our saving grace.

but this foundation is weak. it has cracks. it is broken to begin. because it is built on hate. on fear.

&& this foundation (one that I tried to build my life upon for years & years) — it cannot weather the storms that come our way. it cannot handle the storms that are simply part of life. like the storm that blows in when you look in the mirror & have a bad body day. or the storm of trauma. anxiety. loss. grief. comparison. judgement.

these storms take the cracks in the foundation & spread them. wider & wider. until one day the foundation crumbles. & the diet we were so excited to begin is out the window. the workout plan that helped us shed a few lbs begins to take its toll on our mental health. we binge. we fall “off track.” we look in the mirror & we see nothing but shame. because once again we feel as though we have to start again. build a new foundation.

& so we seek. the next diet. the next quick fix. the next shiny ad that promises thinness & beauty.

& the process starts all over again.

because building a foundation on fear will always come crashing down.

but building a foundation on love? acceptance? compassion? intuition? flow? gratitude?

that sh*t — oooooo that’s the sh*t that can weather even the greatest of storms.

start there. start within. dig deep. unpack — heal.

do this first & the other stuff — the material stuff like your weight & digestion & skin — those are the things that will heal themselves. but it will only happen when your body & mind feel safe enough to release. to shed. to let go.

the road to your best self? begins with love > fear.

the choice *as always* is yours.


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