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April 28, 2021

sometimes I feel like the spirituality//self growth//healing journey gets twisted through the lens of social media. like it’s somehow trendy to commit to improving yourself.

like we are all on a mission to become “that b*tch” or “that girl” — like we are all on a quest for change. to become something new. different. better.

&& this is where I am torn. because I love the pursuit of being my best self. I love the idea of rebranding. transforming. becoming.

but not when the cost of change is shaming, judging, rejecting & abandoning the person we are & the person we have previously been.

I see a lot of people, both on social media & also within my clientele — that start this journey from a place of hate. they hate themselves so much they would do anything to become someone different.

&& so they try to throw the baby out with the bath water. they suppress any emotion that doesn’t align with the person they so badly want to become. && no amount of lemon water, green juice or yoga is able to cultivate the true change they seek.

because true change begins with compassion. it begins with acceptance. it begins with meeting yourself where you are at & knowing that at every moment leading up to this point you have done the best you could with what you had.

& then comes the work. the sifting & sorting. shedding & releasing. calling in & embodying. it’s a day by day. choice by choice. action by action — process.

so, rebranding? sign me up. transformation? let’s roll.

you want to become THAT b*tch? fck to the fck yes!!

but not at the cost of hating who you’ve been. because that person — they brought you here. that person — despite all the parts of them you want to change, is just as worthy of love & abundance as the person you seek to become.

start there. start from love. do this & you’ll be golden 🌞✨⚡️🌙🍯


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