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April 27, 2021

how are you really? like, really really?

me? I’m on cloud nine one minute & crying the next. I’m hot then I’m cold. I find clarity & certainty when I align myself with my wants needs & desires & then life happens & I find myself lost again. I’m up & down I’m high I’m low I am everything mixed into one &&& that is fine by me.

because through it all I’m moving. growing. evolving. learning more & more each day what serves me & what doesn’t. I’m shedding the old & cultivating the new.

& throughout the past few weeks I am realizing more & more that my life has felt untouched. unlived.

so today at 230pm with a to do list longer than I can handle — I’m choosing compassion. I’m choosing rest. I’m choosing flow. because my to do list can wait. but my life can’t. not anymore.

I’m trudging on this week. excited for my month of may to be free of social media (except for a few work obligations).

so today I’m just popping in to say hey. how are you? do you feel okay? what is your body asking for? what is your heart asking for? what is your mind asking for?

listen & honor.

it’s why we are here.

work can wait. social media can wait. the emails & the to do lists can wait. maybe not forever, but they can sure as hell wait 15 minutes. so, what will you gift to yourself for those 15 minutes? will you spend them scrolling? or sun gazing? consuming? or existing?

the choice is yours.

me? I recommend love > fear. every damn time.


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