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April 25, 2022

taurus season is coming in hot with the vibes this year 😮‍💨

as a taurus rising I may be a bit biased but this time of year is my favorite.

the energy is slow. steady.

we are being gently pushed toward trust & surrender.

called to connect with nature.

& asked to make the most simple moments of our day — the most luxurious.

taurus are always labeled as those who love luxury. but I think some people get it twisted. it’s not the THING that is luxury — it is how we treat it, view it, love it, cherish it — that makes it luxurious.

I used to think maybe my rising sign was wrong? because if you know me you know I’m a simple gal. I love my thrifted sweaters & target tank tops. I don’t need designer or the most expensive — anything really.

but what I understand now as I’m in my 28th year is that luxury to me doesn’t have to LOOK like anything. it’s about how something makes me FEEL.

so to me? my luxury?

good people

good energy

good food

good music

good conversation

good sleep

good wine

to me, luxury is rolling over in bed & getting to kiss my fiancé & fur baby angels.

it’s letting the sun touch my skin every morning.

it’s the first sip of coffee.

a juicy book.

a warm sweater.

a belly laugh.

whether or not taurus is a big time player in your chart, it’s season is upon us!!! showing us what we need to see. asking to be met, felt, loved.

challenge yourself today to discover what luxury means to you.

& then go find it! be in it!

cherish it!


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