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April 22, 2021


whether you choose to believe it or not, the earth is our container for freedom. for love. for health. vitality. connection. growth & expansion.

placing your bare feet on the earth heals our body on a cellular level. hugging a tree helps rid our body of negative energy. the sun soothes the moon guides the rain rejuvenates & we have access to this magic every day.

don’t take our home for granted. don’t overlook the beauty in your own back yard. don’t sleep on the healing & love the earth provides each moment of every day.

herbs! adaptogens! mushrooms! water! plants! shelter! fresh air!

let’s end the stigma around caring for the earth. let’s do what we can to make this planet 1% better every day. & above all else let’s take a moment today to pay gratitude to the gifts that Gaia provides 🌚🌝

&& in the off chance someone comes at us for the state of the yard plz know that our dogs also love the earth. they know it’s their home. they run they dig they hunt they play & they do this without a second thought. it’s within them — the same way it’s within us.

get outside today. connect to your home.

with love 🕊


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