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April 20, 2022

it’s really easy to get lost on your mission to leave a mark on this world.

there are times when we need a simple breath to find our way back.

times we need a day or two away from the thick of it to reset. realign. reapproach.

& then there are times we find ourselves so far away from the road we set out on. confused as to how we got there. overwhelmed as we look around & realize we don’t recognize what’s around us.

more often than not we find ourselves here not because we did something wrong. but because instead of taking action, making steps, paving the way towards our greatest good…

we began to follow in the steps of others. we saw the beaten path ahead & thought it would serve us best only to find ourselves miles away from what we truly want. truly desire. truly need.

…but what if I told you this was part of your journey for a reason? what if this detour was the catalyst for your greatest growth?

what if finding your way back was part of the plan all along?

the contrast —

the dark that illuminates the light

if I hadn’t allowed myself to believe that what I needed most lied along the path of someone else — I wouldn’t be here now.

with the clarity & the understanding of my unique needs. my unique gifts. my unique power.

it wasn’t until I found myself so far away from what my heart truly desired that I had no other choice than to make my way back.

using only what I had within me.

with lessons learned as my guide.

& with faith as my north star.

we all have a unique blueprint.

& when we choose to step into our purpose & be of service to the collective we must understand that what works for someone else will not work for us.

we are too special for that.

YOU are too special for that.

💫 if you are ready to forge your own path. to discover what power lies within YOUR uniqueness. to allow what’s within YOU to lead the way… the Align experience is ready for you.

a 12 week intimate mentorship for women in service to their community — where you learn to harness your natural gifts to elevate your offers & allow your essence to magnetize your biz.

your new way of BEing awaits.

apply via link in bio 😮‍💨


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