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April 20, 2021

I honestly cannot believe how closely this photo series resembles what it is like to launch your biz your offer your program your heart & soul 🌚

feel free to swipe along —

at first you start off looking at the whole idea with so much excitement. you are finally doing something you love! it will be a breeze! life is good! alignment is real!

then you realize that you are the only person responsible for 100% of the work load. confusion washes over you as you realize whatever you want to make happen you quite literally have to do yourself...

& then comes the horror when you realize that to get clients you have to put yourself out there. you have to show up! a lot! like, a lot a lot!! & somehow have to get people to listen! oh, & you have to believe in yourself too!!!

but ahhhhhh the minute you get your hands on your ideal client everything feels just right. warm. juicy. meant to fcking be!!!

&& then you remember exactly why you started. exactly why you chose this path. this life. this work.

all is well. all is good.

but truly. that’s the process for me. every damn time. I get anxious I get stressed I feel like I never have enough time I feel like I’m behind I second guess myself I doubt myself & my message I writhe in discomfort until the magic moment when all of the women are fully enrolled in The REALWITH Project & are officially mine to hold to love to guide to nourish.

that’s how it works. when you work with me I open up a special place in my heart for you.

which is why this is the last time I will be the leader / facilitator of the RWP.

because the truth is — my heart is at the brink of being full. I have taken on dozens & dozens of women through the RWP in the past year. each of whom I carry with me each day.

it’s the most beautiful exchange of energy — the RWP. it’s people being people embracing their humanness. connecting. sharing. breaking. rebuilding.

choosing love > fear — together.

so with sadness but also excitement for what’s coming next — I am here to tell you the time is now. literally.

link in bio 🕊 we are waiting.


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