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April 11, 2022

we were never taught that our monthly bleed is a sacred time for rest + release.

we were never encouraged to interact with our body, mind + soul differently depending on what phase of our cycle we are in.

we were never told how important it is to have a period that is healthy + happy.

because all along we were being taught to hide it.

encouraged to suppress it.

& told that it is shameful. gross. blood? from your womb? disgusting.

it’s hide the tampons! make the packaging sleek so no one knows!

sick of bleeding? here’s a pill!

or better yet, here’s a hook! let me pop it up into your cervix! that’ll help you best!

our emotional needs are boiled down to PMS.

our monthly cycle poses a threat. because apparently it’s 100% the woman’s responsibility for pregnancy prevention….

our desire for a life with flow + flexibility is viewed as selfish.

our knowing that we are so much more than we were ever taught remains this worlds greatest secret.

yes. you read it right. a woman’s intuition is the world greatest secret.

our intuition is tightly woven into our womanhood. into our flow. into the lunar cycle. into nature. into the wild.

& what better way to disconnect a woman from her greatest gift than a pill that removes her from her natural rhythm? & in some cases, stops her cycle completely.

in this 3 part series you will not only learn…

the power of naturally tracking your cycle ⚡️

cycle syncing (the science + the energetic approach) 🧬🕊

how to find hormone harmony😌

the symbolic meaning of our 4 phases ✨

what superpower each phase activates in us (yes, superpower 🦸‍♀️)

what it means to bleed with the phases of the moon 🌚

how aligning with your flow can magnetize your biz 🪄

(& like, so much more)

BUT you’ll also hear me repeat over & over that going off of BC is not an easy journey. it’s not a choice made lightly.

& it is not to be made if you aren’t ready to put in the work to HEAL.

BC served me until it didn’t.

if you feel ready to learn about who you really are. your inner magic. your unique essence.

this moon cycle series was created for you 🌙🩸

dropping at 10am est tomorrow morning.

who’s readyyyyy!?


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