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November 3, 2020

every new week, new month, new year becomes filled with new intentions. it’s what we do. it makes us feel motivated. the energy that comes from a fresh start is what gets our juices flowing. it’s what helps us embody the next best version of who we are.

I love intention setting. but this past year I’ve started really looking at the intentions I set.

—— why am I setting them? & more importantly — who am I setting them for?

I used to set intentions that were all “success” driven. wake up earlier. work harder. longer. more efficiently. eat clean. sweat. sweat again. do more. be more.

& while that type of intention helps to motivate us — they aren’t always what we need.

sure, at one point in my life I needed that structure. I needed the success driven intentions to help me show up.

—— but things change. we change. we all have different chapters with different needs & different energy.

sometimes we need a better workout routine & sometimes we need a better sleep routine. sometimes we need to focus on cleaning up our diet & sometimes we just need to eat what our body asks for.

but we can’t know what we need if we don’t ask or if we just follow the same intentions as people on social media.

so as I head into another new month, my intentions embody what MY soul needs most. not what my ego is telling me I should do. not what is trending. my intentions for november are not solely focused on my body or career — or on the definition of success we have all been taught to idolize.

me? I want november to be soft. easy. I will work - hard. but not for long. I will do the things that are required of me. I will rest. I will unplug. I will spend more time with my loved ones. I will put my phone away in conversations. I will share what I am called to share & continue speak my truth. but I will also work on boundaries. on protecting my energy. on keeping my cup full.

this month I want contentment. warm meals. cozy nights. laughter. card games & memories.

what does your soul want from november?


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