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February 22, 2021

woke up today with the intention of filling my cup up... but found myself lost in the future. in what comes next. in the possibilities. in the self imposed expectations. the pressure of doing more & being more.

it’s easy to tell the world to stop & smell the roses (or smoke 🥀 in my case) but this is far easier said than done. I tried really hard but I didn’t find what I needed yet today. maybe I won’t. maybe it’ll happen tomorrow or the next day. maybe what I need most is to stop trying so hard to figure it out & allow the answers to make their way into my life.

but I do have an inkling, a knowing — that what I really need is to simply honor where I am at. to feel the exhaustion. the pride. the pressure. && just let myself be. I don’t need to fix it. I don’t need to hurry up. there is no race. there is no finish line.

it’s normal to have a high followed by a low. I know this. I preach this.

I think that’s it. I think that’s my answer. it’s funny how one minute I have no idea what I need & the next moment everything is clear. getting my thoughts out of my head & onto paper (or into a caption) is always how I find my way back.

could I erase this caption to make it sound a bit more clear? organized? inspiring? maybe. but this caption is a perfect example of how to reconnect with your needs. just start writing. start talking. don’t filter or censor. just let what needs to come through — come through.

you’ll be surprised at how well you are able to guide yourself back into alignment.

so today? I’m good. tired, but good. a bit anxious, but good. gonna lean in a bit more to see what I find.

because all I need is already within me.

happy monday you glorious humans!!!!

still grateful as ever.


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