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Discover the power of the REALWITH Method, and work directly with Emma within each of these programs cultivated specifically to guide you along your path to your most vibrant & authentic self. Wherever you are along your healing path, RealWith has the tools you need to unlock your Inner Power, become your own Healer, and step into true alignment with your Highest Self.

Whether you are looking to balance your hormones & sync your menstrual cycle, want to learn the in's & out's of vision board making or simply desire to learn what it means to support & honor yourself on your healing journey... there is a masterclass for you.


This is a 7-week self paced course for those who want to learn the REALWITH methods but aren't quite ready or able o join the RWP group coaching program.


Mentorship Experience


Created for coachers, healers & entrepreneurs who feel stuck & stagnant, this intimate 12-week group mentorship experience takes you from fear back to love. Teaching you how to align your business with your most authentic self so that you can fully attract all that you desire.



The ultimate RealWith experience, granting you direct access to the healing juice straight from the source. With novel insights, revelations & epiphanies tailored specifically to your soul's path to awakening, working with the REALWITH Founder is the full package deal.


Alumni Page

Alumni Spotlights

The raw, the real, the authentic truth of the RWP - straight from our Alumni.

What was the most rewarding part of being in the RWP?

Finding a community where I can completely express myself and have support in this crazy little thing called life. I loved the deep conversations we would all have in regards to being our best selves, holding space for each other in our vulnerabilities, and learning more about love of ourselves and each other.

RWP - Testimonial -02_edited.png

What was your biggest "aha" moment in your time with Emma and the RWP girls?

Looking back I feel like it was a mix of a few different things- when we were talking about feeling aligned being such a high vibration, and then realizing where I felt that in my life and where I didn't. then I was able to use that, as well as channeling Emma's message of love > fear, and make a much needed change in my life.

RWP - Testimonial -02_edited.png


Wow... I don't even know how to fully describe how RWP has changed my life. As someone who has been obsessed with the wellness space for a while I questioned if the program was for me because I felt like "I knew" what the program would be teaching me. When I joined I had just started my own journey of becoming a holistic health coach and I wasn't sure what I would get out of the program. I had messaged Emma my concerns and instantly I knew this program was different after speaking with her. The community I found with the girls in my group and Emma allowed me to expand into a space where my fullest expression was celebrated and supported.


It gave me a new found confidence in the world to show up 100% authentic and to meet life with a capacity of love I never had before. Being in RWP encouraged me to live a life of wellness and not just conceptualize the knowledge I felt I already had. This program is packed with amazing content but it seriously changes you on an energetic level. RWP has made my heart so full and the energy I felt in the program still touches me everyday. It inspires me even on the roughest of days. As an aspiring health coach I feel more confident than ever in my ability to hold space for others. I am inspired by love for the collective. It's been invigorating to see a holistic health coach like Emma truly be a conduit of love, making this world a better place, helping others become their best selves, supporting others in their deepest vulnerabilities. Being in RWP gave me clarity that this is how I want to operate in the world as well. To be a vessel of love, of wellness, of being. I left RWP embodying a life of wellness, a life of high vibes rather than just knowing what it looks like, I learned how to be it. That's something I could never put a price on. Being in RWP and working with Emma has been such a gift. I'm actually sad I didn't find her sooner.

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