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The REALWITH Project

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Where the community creates the connection.

Are you ready to rewrite your story as one of resilience?




The REALWITH Project is transformational self paced program where 

holistic health meets spirituality. 


I used to call the RWP a "holistic health coaching program" because that is what I was "taught" to do... but it is so. much. more.

Just ask my alums ;)

*testimonials below*


I am so happy you are here.

Let's dive in, shall we?


The REALWITH Project was first created YEARS AGO, way back in 2020 & was a simple group health coaching program providing intimacy, connection, growth & expansion.


The RWP group program has served nearly 100 women!


The time has come to focus my energy & attention to the creation of NEW.

New offers, new programs, new ideas.

Not because the RWP isn't still one of, if not THE best things I have ever given this world.

But because I am not the same woman who created it.

Therefore I am not the one who can teach it.

The good news?

Inside the RWP Self Paced Course is all the goodness

& magic you need on your path to healing.

& the best part?

When you purchase the RWP Self Paced Course you get a discount on drop in 1:1 calls!

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What was the most rewarding part of being in the RWP?

Finding a community where I can completely express myself and have support in this crazy little thing called life. I loved the deep conversations we would all have in regards to being our best selves, holding space for each other in our vulnerabilities, and learning more about love of ourselves and each other.

Shadow on Concrete Wall


The next round of the REALWITH Project begins in the Spring of 2023

the waitlist of the RWP gets first access to early bird enrollment AKA saving big $$$ and you get first access to the limited RWP BONUSES!



But still want to gain access to over 15 hours of video content, modules & wisdom?

For only $888 you can buy The REALWITH Project Self Paced Online Course.



Katherine, 26

I don’t even know where to begin with this testimonial other than freakin invest in YOURSELF. It’s almost been an entire year since i’ve been through the RWP, and it has been the most magical, mindful, intuitive, and juicy experience of my life. the women in my group i trust and love more than anything. my alumni ladies are family to me. and emma. angel mama emma is everything and more. she’s been with me through probably one of the hardest years of my life, and speaking to her in 1:1, group calls, insta dm’s, and over text lights me up everyday. it’s hard for you as the individual to see all the progress you are making spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally cause you are in the trenches with yourself everyday, but emma sees it all. she is your best friend, your #1 fan, your biggest cheerleader. she is your guide, your big sister, your inspiration. she is so much more than a “holistic health coach.” she is literally a ray of light that will give you the tools to pull yourself out of the shadows. i would not be where i am today without her and i thank myself every single day for taking the leap and joining the RWP. best decision i’ve ever made for myself, cause it was out of love, not fear. she will change your life just like she changed mine, so invest in yourself cause i promise you, you are worth it.

Becca, 32

What I gained from the RWP is as simple as the word Ease. I had always admired people who seem to move through their days/life with ease. Once joining the RWP, it opened my eyes to the journey of ‘ease’. RWP literally showed me tools on how to heal so many parts of myself, some parts I didn’t even know needed healing. Once the healing process started, it was raw. It was real. It was felt. And it was dealt with. And I must add, having you through the whole process has been something that cannot be matched. You were MEANT to help souls find their true authentic selves. The way you guide someone through any issue is remarkable and as I always say, you leave me speechless. The RWP truly leaves me speechless and I am finally living the life I once admired of people. I wake up and I go to sleep living in a life ease. And on the days that ease does not come easy, I now have the tools to redirect my mind, my heart, my soul and choose again. No one can truly understand the significance of the community you have built can do for them without FULL body jumping into the program. Brendan and I will forever remember the day, August 30th 2020 We didn’t have two Pennie’s to rub together but I knew I needed to commit and since that day, every day i grow into the person I’ve always dreamt of.

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