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The ALIGN  Experience 

an intimate 4-month group mentorship
for the spiritual entrepreneur ready to unlock her most powerful & confident self

enrollment opens fall 2023


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For the woman who is ready to step into her magic.

The ALIGN Experience is an intimate group mentorship program for women with service based businesses who crave the ability to BE all that they are, so their business can become all that it can be.


ALIGN was created for the woman who is ready to

step into her magic.

Into her next level of BEing.

Who knows she is meant for more.

Who has a soul desire to leave her mark on this world but isn't willing to sacrifice herself in the process.

ALIGN is here to break the mold of what we think it means to run a business.

To sell an offer.

To be an authority figure.

To find success.

ALIGN is here to burn down the systems, the beliefs & the structures that

are keeping you from BEing all that you are.


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​Because YOU are not your business.

Your business is YOU.

This is for the woman who has tried doing things the way she was told.

Who has spent countless hours + dollars trying to learn what “strategy”

will save her + her business….


Only to feel more lost than she began.

Because each time you attempt to follow the beaten path...

copy the person in front of you...

adhere to the trend....

You are not only diminishing YOUR light,

but the light of your business, too.

When we are not in our integrity…

when we are not honoring OUR truth…

our community cannot find us.


Our integrity is the key to attracting all our desires.

BEing all that we are is what magnetizes all that is meant for us, to us.

You are the secret sauce.

You are the experience.

You are the magic.

If you are ready to step into this knowing,

we are ready for you.

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What do you feel really drew you into this program & made you feel "this is for me?"

Having worked with Emma in the past, making the choice to invest in Align was an easy decision. Her energy is so magnetic and speaks to me on a soul level! Her mentorship over the past 1.5yrs from life to business (which is one in the same, duh) makes me feel like I can live my life in a way that feels authentic to me and still be successful, which is why I knew Align was meant for me <3

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How did it feel having Emma as your Coach & Mentor for 14 weeks?

Words cannot explain. It's a feeling. But if i had to explain it, partnership is what comes to mind. Emma didn't hold my hand, but spiritually it felt like she did. Like our souls were taking each step together towards change and expansion. Having her as a mentor felt so divinely guided towards a higher version of self in the most empowering way. I gained so much confidence and clarity with her on my side providing perspective in the most honest of ways. In my corner. with no judgement. just full acceptance. just the right amount of action and inaction. light and dark. holding space. space to unravel and rebuild.

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What helped you take the leap & say "fck yes, I am in!"

I had a fuck yes feeling before our connection call, but money was holding me back. After our connection call I felt like I had gotten my moneys worth in that hour alone, so I had full faith and trust that this program would serve and hold me in ways that would help me overcome my money story. Today I still draw on advice from our connection call, not to mention the wisdom from the remainder of our time together throughout the course!!!!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

The ALIGN Experience

enrollment opens fall 2023

What exactly is the ALIGN  Experience?

The Align Experience was birthed into this world due to high demand.

After stumbling through the process of running her own health coaching business & cultivating a community...

Emma found her way into the magic that is BEing. 


By fully surrendering to the gifts that live within her.

Knowing she is exactly who is meant to be.

& letting her inner wisdom lead the way.

With round after round of sold out programs, growing communities on social media platforms & an aching desire from her community of fellow coaches & healers - Align was born.

Not to show *the* way to success.

But to help each woman who enters this container to find *their* way to success.

Inside of this experience you are brought through the necessary

steps to discover who you are.

What makes you tick.

What makes you shine. 

But also.. 

What is holding you back.

What is keeping you stuck.


Living in fear.

Blocking abundance & flow from being part of your every day life.

The modules inside this experience range from:

inner child healing to

manifestation to

money mindset to

human design & astrology

to shadow work

to embodiment.

Because in order for your business to be all it can be -

you have to be willing to be all that YOU are.

So what do I get inside of Align?

When enrolling for the ALIGN Experience you can choose the standard enrollment which gives you…. 

  • Weekly modules (same as my masterclass format AKA free flowing + expansive!)

  • Weekly group calls (think: bff sleepover vibes, raw, real, beautiful) with integration weeks  every 4th week (this is a week OFF & away from the work to live, learn, process + integrate!)

  • Guest speaker + expert appearances

  • Voxer group chat with 24/7 support from me 


OR… you can upgrade & enroll as a VIP & receive everything listed above AND 3x 1:1 calls with me PLUS unlimited 1:1 access to me via Voxer!

  • The 1:1 calls are 60 minutes in length + will be recorded for you!

  • The 1:1 Voxer access is KEY for those who want to be able to message me + send me voice notes to get clarity, advice & support throughout our 16-week journey! Think of this like having me on speed dial, or in your back pocket! When used to its fullest capacity this offer is priceless ;)


want to connect with me 1:1 before making your decision?

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